Weaving Mindfulness into the Fabric of Health Promotion

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Conference session by Lynn Rossy about using mindfulness in your health promotion activities

Lynn Rossy, PhD

Director of Integrated Wellness, Veterans United

AAOHN 1.08 | AAFP 1.0 | ACSM 1.0 | CDR 1.0 | NCHEC 1.0

The research is clear about what behaviors support health, but it is not so clear how to help people start and maintain healthy habits. People will become motivated if they discover ways of being healthy that are uniquely suited and intrinsically motivating for them. These conditions can be cultivated through practicing the skill of mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to having a nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment. This type of awareness can help people better self-regulate their behavior, monitor the barriers to their success, and design their own personalized health plans. In this session, learn how mindfulness can be woven into many areas of a workplace wellness program. Discuss how mindfulness is particularly useful for engaging people who can be hard to convince with broad initiatives. Discover how you can bring mindfulness into your health promotion activities. There will be a combination of lecture, dyads, and guided meditation.

Presenter Bio(s):

Dr. Lynn Rossy is an author and health psychologist. Her book, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution: Proven Strategies to End Overeating, Satisfy Your Hunger, and Savor Your Life, describes the concepts she developed for her empirically validated 10-week mindful eating program called “Eat for Life” (available online). She is on the Board of the Center for Mindful Eating. She has recently been made the Director of Integrated Wellness at Veterans United (September 2016) in order to bring mindfulness to every part of their organization. Before that she spent nine years as the Health Psychologist for Healthy for Life, the University of Missouri wellness program for faculty and staff on all four campuses, and was the Director of the Mindfulness Practice Center. She has been teaching Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Programs since 2000. Her career has been centered on developing, delivering, and researching programs that target stress reduction, physical inactivity, obesity, and wellness in the workplace.