The Promise of Purpose-Driven Organizations

Management Strategies

Sara Johnson presents The Promise of Purpose-Driven Organizations

Sara Johnson, PhD

Co-President & CEO, Pro-Change Behavior Systems; Co-Editor, The Art of Health Promotion

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A recent report illustrates that although nearly 80% of leaders agree that purpose is a critical element of their organization’s success, only approximately a third said that purpose informed their leadership team’s decision making. Yet it’s been said that, “Without a sense of purpose, no company…can achieve its full potential.” How can we address this disconnect? This session will highlight numerous benefits of having a clear sense of organizational purpose and provide case studies about organizations who have authentically embodied their purpose, allowing it to be a force for innovation, strategic planning, health promotion, and day-to-day decision making. To ensure purpose is not focused on isolated corporate social responsibility gestures or taglines, specific strategies for enabling organizations to embrace their purpose as core to their identity will be discussed. Participants will leave with practical ideas to ensure that purpose becomes a shared conscience in their organization that can becomes a guidepost for every decision.

Presenter Bio(s):

Dr. Sara Johnson is the Co-President & CEO of Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., a behavior change consulting firm and solution provider that empowers people to experience life-changing breakthroughs in health and well-being. She is also the Co-Editor of The Art of Health Promotion. In 2019, Dr. Johnson received the Health Enhancement Research Organization’s Mark Dundon Research Award and was named one of the 50 on Fire by Rhode Island Inno. She was named the Health Care Services Woman to Watch by Providence Business News in 2018, and in 2015, she was selected as a Top 10 Health Promotion Professional by the Wellness Council of America.
In her 22 years at Pro-Change, she has been responsible for generating and leading the implementation of innovative research and development opportunities as well as creating and expanding strategic business alliances. She has been the principal investigator on over $6 million in National Institutes of Health grants to examine the effectiveness of evidence-based health and well-being interventions and has more than 40 publications.