Screen Addictions, Digital Toxicity and the Importance of Mindfulness in the 21st Century Information Age

Brian Luke Seaward_Mindfulness Meditation

Brian Luke Seaward, PhD

Executive Director, The Paramount Wellness Institute

The information age has brought with it many stress-related problems including digital toxicity, digital dementia and cognitive impairment, and emotional burnout. It has also raised questions and issues about work-life balance. Today, with the prolific use of screen time, people are wiring their brains (neuroplasticity) for stress. As issues rise about addictive screentime, so too is an interest in the practice of mindfulness, perhaps as a means for cognitive balance? Experts from MIT and Stanford University are now expressing concern with our love affair with technology, citing an increased compromise of cognitive skills including short term and long term memory, attention span and critical thinking. If digital toxicity is a poison could the practice of mindfulness be the antitdote? Perhaps.