Resonation and Quickening: The Magic in Resiliency Training


Glenn E. Richardson, PhD, MS

Professor, Co-Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Health Promotion and Education, University of Utah

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The heart of resiliency training (the process) and resilience (the motivational drives) are resonating feelings of rightness and peace confirming that a person is on a self-actualizing path in life. Quickening moments are prompts to change direction and follow a “path with heart.” The energy and drive to get through the resiliency process comes from innate resilience yearnings and drives. This program will focus on readiness skills for accessing innate resilient drives as well as to experience resonation and quickening to know what to do, when to do it, have confidence that it is the right thing to do and have the energy to make it happen when facing life challenges and adopting healthy behaviors. Participants will learn to transform traditional integrative health techniques such as imagery, art therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, journal writing, and meditation into preparation skills to resonate and quicken which enliven the resilient journey.

Presenter Bio(s):

Glenn E. Richardson, PhD is a full Professor in the College of Health at the University of Utah. He received a B.S. degree in Zoology from Southern Utah University in 1971, an M.S. degree in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology) from Utah State University in 1973 and his Ph.D. degree was in Health Science from the University of Utah in 1976. His nearly 100 doctoral students over the years have completed resilience based research studies in schools, corporations and communities. Dr. Richardson has published over 100 articles in academic journals and presented to over 500 local, national and international audiences on the topic of resilience and resiliency.