Psychological Safety: What’s Good for Teams is Good for Wellbeing

Human Sensitivity

Patty Purpur de Vries presents psychological safety

Patty Purpur de Vries, MS

Director of Strategic Projects, Stanford Medicine WellMD Center; Director, Stanford Health Promotion Network

AAOHN 1.05 | AAFP 1.0 | ACSM 1.0 | CDR 1.0 | NCHEC 1.0

Is your workplace being undermined by a lack of psychological safety? In an interactive session, we will explore the importance of psychological safety as the foundation for promoting individual well-being as well as creating a culture of wellness. Research has shown the psychological safety is critical for learning, effective teamwork and overall well-being. For example, a Google study found that teamwork is less a factor of who is on the team and much more about how the members interact, the structure of their work, and how their contributions are viewed. In other words, it’s more about the extent to which team members feel a sense of psychological safety. By delving into the research and leveraging the findings from Stanford Medicine’s WellMD Center’s application of its Professional Fulfillment Model, we will discuss practical ways to cultivate psychological safety within your own work environment to improve the well-being of your workforce.

Presenter Bio(s):

Born and raised in North Dakota, Patty earned a full-athletic scholarship to attend Stanford University in 1985. She was a 9-time NCAA All-American (Shot Put and Discus) and competed at the 1988 Olympic Trials. In the 90¹s, as an entrepreneur, Patty grew her fitness & wellness company to employ over 100 employees and earn annual revenues of over $5 million. In January 2009, Patty sold all corporate contracts, including those with Cisco, Yahoo! and Safeway to Plus One Holdings of New York which is now part of the Optum brand. During that time, she helped launch the Stanford
Health Promotion Network whose 65+ members include corporations including Cisco, Apple and Adobe, along with local counties, medical institutions and several non-profit organizations. From
2013-2016 Patty found her passion overseeing the HealthySteps to Wellness Program for the 14,000 non-physician employees of Stanford Medicine. In early 2016 Patty accepted a role with the newly formed WellMD Center as a vocal advocate for all members of our care teams. Today, Patty is the Director of Strategic Project for the Stanford Medicine WellMD Center and continues to oversee the Stanford Health Promotion Network.