Myth vs. Reality: Five Truths Every Health Promotion Professional Should Know


Five Truths for Health Promotion Professional_Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson, MS, CHWC

Founder and co-owner, ViDL Solutions

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While new research is quickly transforming our understanding of health, human nature and behavior change, many health promotion efforts are stuck in an old paradigm, operating on outdated thinking or flawed assumptions. This session will separate myth from reality on five important points all health promotion professionals should know. Participants will leave with evidence-based answers and practical application for transforming their efforts in these five areas:
· How much do lifestyle behaviors determine the health of a population?
· Can wellness programs reduce healthcare costs?
· Do financial incentives work?
· How can I be most effective in helping others sustainably change behaviors?
· What do I need to know about how the workplace itself affects individual wellbeing?

Presenter Bio(s):

Rebecca Johnson is a seasoned expert in individual and organizational wellbeing with 25 years of experience. She has served in a variety of health promotion capacities in consulting, leadership development, corporate wellness, coaching and mental health counseling. Rebecca founded her company out of the recognition that conventional thinking on culture and wellbeing often miss the mark – and that an integrated and progressive approach is needed for organizations and individuals to truly flourish. Rebecca is recognized as a passionate and engaging speaker who connects from the heart and leaves her audience with a-ha moments and concrete strategies for application in their personal and professional lives. When she’s not working, Rebecca enjoys the simplicity and contentment of time with her children, her partner, her extended family, books, podcasts, yoga, running and nature.