Mastering The Skills and Craft of Health & Wellness Coaching: Higher-Level Methods And Skills

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Mastering The Skills and Craft of Health & Wellness Coaching conference session by Michael Arloski

Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP

Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc.

AAOHN 1.08 | AAFP 1.0 | ACSM 1.0 | CDR 1.0 | NCHEC 1.0 *

Moving from mere competency to proficiency and eventually mastery in health & wellness coaching requires lifelong learning. As coaching becomes an essential part of comprehensive wellness programs and is delivered to employees through benefits programs, etc., thousands of coaches will need more than just introductory training. This session will help participants identify the knowledge and skills they need to increase the effectiveness of their coaching work. We will explore the research on, and focus on skill development in more advanced wellness coaching topics such as collusion, self-disclosure, use of metaphor, sophisticated coaching communication, forwarding the action, fully integrated wellness planning, coaching with emotions, and more. We will also demonstrate how to work effectively on building the coaching alliance with difficult clients who are at first, often in coaching only to receive an incentive. Live demonstrations and coaching videos to analyze effective coaching process will enrich the learning.

Presenter Bio(s):

Professionally contributing to the field of wellness since 1979 Dr. Michael Arloski is a thinker who synthesizes wellness down to what really works. Continually working to help people find ways to improve their lifestyles, he has presented at the National Wellness Conference over thirty times, and has keynoted and presented on wellness on four continents. Michael’s mission is to build allies for a healthy world across the globe.