Integrating Growth Mindset and the Power of Active Listening in Your Personal and Professional Life!

Behavior Change Strategies

Suzanna Cooper presents Integrating Growth Mindset and the Power of Active Listening

Suzanna L. Cooper, LPC, NCC, OTR/L, NBC-HWC, MCWC

Chief Learning Officer, US Corporate Wellness, Inc.; Co-Founder and Director of Coaching Education, The Catalyst Coaching Institute; Adjunct Professor, Metropolitan State University

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What I believe about myself and my abilities matters! Mindset influences my level of effort, how I respond to setbacks and my desire to try new things. Understanding the difference between Dweck’s Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset uncovers potential hindrances to growth and paves the way to influencing those in one’s sphere of influence – as a supervisor, co-worker, coach, instructor or parent. By learning about specific techniques with use of language, praise, and active listening that are utilized in wellness coaching, you will identify your own triggers and roadblocks to listening, while learning how to change your own self-talk and mindsets. Integrating the power of “yet” is a simple shift which opens the possibility of change and creates the idea of potential and growth. Join us for this eye-opening and practical look at the power of mindset and learn small changes that can have a big impact in your personal and professional life.

Presenter Bio(s):

Suzanna Cooper has a pair of Masters degrees, including one in mental health counseling, and is known nationally for her knowledge of coaching and interpersonal communication. As the Chief Learning Officer for the Catalyst Coaching Institute, she is the driving force behind one of the top wellness coach training programs in the country (in addition to teaching at the University level). She is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and oversees a team of coaches as the Chief Learning Officer of a national employee wellness company.