How Failing Made Us Successful: Key Strategies to Overcome Resistance, Gain Buy-In and Effectively Implement Strategies to Increase Clinic Traffic


Jayme Mayo

Jayme Mayo, MS

PA-C/Wellness Director, Nabholz Construction

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Founded in 1949 on the principles of honesty and integrity, Nabholz Construction Corporation is a leading national commercial contractor offering a full range of construction, industrial, civil, and environmental services.
Program Components: Outcomes based program with 100% participation by employees and spouses with 99% earning a monetary incentive, multi-faceted credentialed wellness team, bi-annual screenings with hand delivered results, on-site clinic and fitness facilities at headquarters and 13 additional near-site medical clinics.

In 2007, Nabholz Construction started a wellness program and implemented an on-site clinic to help contain the rising cost of health insurance. The program has evolved from an “activity based” to an “outcomes based” design for employees in 45 states and 13 additional near-site clinics have since been added. This force not only affected Nabholz but continues to drive other companies to look for strategies to contain cost without shifting the financial burden to employees.

Participation, Health, and Financial Outcome
With participation from all employees/spouses, 99% earn a monetary incentive each year based on their results. This level of engagement has saved Nabholz over $1 Million dollars per year for 8 years leading with a 0% increase in premiums for 2 years and last year a 4.5% decrease.
The impact on the health of Nabholz employees and spouses is impressive. High blood pressure and high cholesterol have decreased from 40% to 15% and 46% to 26%, respectively. Tobacco use has decreased from 49% to 26%. With bi-annual screenings and clinic use, undiagnosed diabetics have decreased from 42 to 4.
Because of its unique approach, Nabholz was recently featured by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Workplace Health Resource Center with a white paper and follow up video and on HBO’s obesity documentary “Weight of the Nation”. Nabholz has consulted with the Department of Defense, former President Bill Clinton on his “Health Matters” campaign and many other businesses throughout the region and across the country.

Presenter Bio(s):

Jayme Mayo, Physician Assistant, is the in-house medical provider and wellness director at Nabholz Construction where she has successfully lead efforts over the past 11 years. Due to the Nabholz innovation, Jayme was featured in HBO’s documentary on obesity titled “Weight of the Nation” and with the CDC as a National Healthy Worksite Program Case Study. Jayme has consulted with the Department of Defense, Former President Bill Clinton’s “Health Initiative” and the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute along with numerous businesses across the country to help implement successful worksite wellness programs.  Her program continues to win many awards. The most recent was Nabholz being named #25 in the 101 Healthiest Employers in the Country. She speaks regularly at regional, national and international conferences sharing the many successes of her program. Jayme is an 8x Ironman triathlon and ultra-marathon finisher.