Health Promotion is the Purpose: Money & More Follow

Money, Health or More?

Craig Becker

Craig Becker, PhD, CWP

Associate Professor, Department of Health Education and Promotion, East Carolina University

AAFP – 1.0 | ACSM – 1.0 | CDR – 1.0 | NCHEC – 1.0 | AAOHN – 1.08
Health promotion professionals use theories to achieve the health promotion purpose of moving people toward a state of optimal health. Research documents that purpose helps organizations increase morale and improve profitability. Health helps organizations achieve their goals because health is the latent underlying construct of success. Although health theories related to Prevention, Promotion, Protection and Germs seem contrasting, Risk Homeostasis Theory and Feature Positive Affect help health promotion professionals focus on the purpose of better health which when accomplished means money and more will follow. Risk Homeostasis Theory and Feature Positive Affect create a focus on developing measurable precursors of improved health that document the value of health promotion efforts and provide leaders with data to guide organizations. This presentation will connect the dots related to when and how to share and use these measures to document and achieve the purpose of health so money and more will follow.

Presenter Bio(s):

Craig Becker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Education & Promotion at East Carolina University. His research interests are built on a positive health philosophy that is based on the principles of salutogenesis, developed by Aaron Antonovsky, and quality management principles, developed by W. Edwards Deming. He uses these principles as a research and teaching framework to teach health professionals the skills, knowledge, tools and practices that promote individual and organizational health and profitability.  Rather than studying the prevention and treatment of issues that lead to health problems, he embraces the study of those things that promote good health and also effectively prevent problems. He teaches courses in applied principles of health promotion, consults with industry and education settings, and has an active research agenda (for which he was recognized as the “Outstanding Researcher” in 2007 for ECU’s College of Health & Human Performance).

Craig is an elected member to the leadership circle for the National Wellness Institute (NWI), and works with that organization on issues related to health professional accrediting.  He also offers Positive Health Leadership trainings to working health professionals. This training operationalizes positive health practices with a focus on optimization.  He has published and presented extensively in the US and Europe.  His unique and challenging approach of advocating how to increase health positively rather than how to discern those things that negatively affect health status has led to published research that consistently demonstrates its effectiveness as a health promotion strategy.