Healing Well:  The Success of a Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program at the Cleveland Clinic

Management Strategies

David Pauer presents Success of a Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program

David L. Pauer, MNO

VP, Clinical Operations and Customer Strategies, Connect and Care LLC

CHES® – 1.0 | ICHWC – 1.0 | AAFP – 1.08

In 2005 Cleveland Clinic launched a new Employee Wellness Program. During the next 14 years the initiative grew into a comprehensive outcomes based program that saved more than $260 million in medical costs and increased the number of employees with no (or improved) chronic disease biomarkers by seven fold The focus of this presentation is on the transformations that occurred at the Cleveland Clinic that made all this possible, with the goal of helping other organizations understand the magnitude of effort required to achieve similar outcomes, and shed light on why superficial efforts are likely to fail.

Presenter Bio(s):

David Pauer is a dedicated Health and Wellness leader with a proven record of success in designing and implementing health and wellness solutions and programs. David has dedicated his career to nonprofit health organizations, and his life mission is to help people live the healthiest lives possible.

David is the immediate past Director of Wellness for the Employee Health Plan (EHP) of Cleveland Clinic.  EHP covers healthcare and wellness expenses for more than 100,000 Cleveland Clinic employees and their family members.  Under David’s leadership a record 68% of eligible health plan members participated in wellness programs and saved an average of $40 million per year in healthcare cost savings.

David previously was the executive director of the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, the executive director of the Herb Society of America, and executive vice president of the American Diabetes Association, Ohio Affiliate.

David earned a Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO) degree, specializing in healthcare organizations, from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, and a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from The Ohio State University. David spent a year studying Spanish language and public health in Madrid, Spain in a program through Bowling Green State University.

David is a frequently requested speaker on wellness, health, healthcare, health plan, and population health topics.