Intergenerational Wellness: Engaging the Most Diverse Workforce in History


Conference Session exploring engaging a diverse workforce in wellness by Don Powell

Don Powell, PhD

Founder, President & CEO, American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Brett Powell, BA, CWPC

Vice President, Wellness Consultant, American Institute for Preventive Medicine

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View an interview with Dr. Don Powell and Brett Powell share defining characteristics of each generation, important research and case studies, and strategies to engage a multi-generational population in your wellness program.

There are more Millennials in the workforce than any other generational cohort. Generation Z is already entering the workforce. Additionally, for the first time in history, there are five, very distinct generations working side by side. The way in which these different generations respond to technology, education, communication, and their own health varies drastically. Expecting all generations to respond equally to wellness programs is outdated thinking. This engaging presentation will highlight the defining characteristics of each generation, share interesting research and case studies, while sending you home with concrete strategies to engage a multi-generational population in your wellness program.

Presenter Bio(s):

Dr. Don R. Powell is the President and CEO of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The Institute is a leading developer and provider of health and productivity management programs and self-care publications. It is internationally recognized for its ability to present health information in a format that employees can easily understand and are motivated to follow; thereby reducing health care costs and absenteeism. Over 12,500 corporations, hospitals, MCOs, unions, and government agencies use its health risk appraisal, lifestyle change programs, health coaching, self-care guides, and health education materials. Some of its clients include Ford, Office Depot, Citibank, Merck, CBS, Lowes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Center for Disease Control, Baylor Medical Center, U.S. Army, CIA, and the Department of Health & Human Services.

Involved with wellness since 1971, Dr. Powell has helped millions of people improve their health. He is a licensed psychologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. He also taught in the University’s Psychology Department for eight years where he was nominated for the “Distinguished Teaching Award” and presently serves as a guest lecturer. Dr. Powell is considered to be one of the country’s foremost authorities on the design and implementation of community and corporate health management programs. He is the author of fourteen best-selling books including Healthier at Home and A Year of Health Hints. He gave 110% in writing his latest book Best Sports Clichés Ever which Sports Illustrated called “a home run”. He also wrote a nationally syndicated newspaper column and has published many professional articles.

Dr. Powell has received numerous awards for his work in health promotion. He was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame – Class of 2008. He has also won the Hod Ogden Medal from the Centers for Disease Control, the Distinguished Leadership and Service Award from the Association for Worksite Health Promotion, the Healthy American Fitness Leaders Award from the President’s Council, the Governor’s Physical Fitness and Health Award, and the U.S. Government’s Director’s Award for Innovative Public Health Contributions. He is a member of the “Healthy People 2010” project, which has set the nation’s health goals for the 21st century. Dr. Powell has also appeared on hundreds of television and radio talk shows, including “Good Morning America,” “FOX & Friends,” “CNN,” and “ESPN”, and has been featured in many publications including USA Today, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Brett Powell has been involved in the Wellness field for over a decade. Most of that time has been dedicated to designing and implementing health promotion programs for companies and communities. He presently is a Vice President at the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, a URAC Accredited Wellness company located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Brett is considered to be one of the nation’s foremost authorities on engaging a multigenerational workforce in wellness programs. Due to his expertise in this topic area, he is a sought after speaker at national conferences including the National Wellness Conference and WELCOA. He has also written extensively on the subject including an article for the American Journal of Health Promotion.

He was instrumental in the development of a comprehensive wellness program for the largest insurance company in Peru, the first program of its kind in South America.
Brett is a certified Wellness Program Coordinator. He also has a degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan. He enjoys utilizing his background in Psychology to help organizations provide suitable programs that ensure positive behavior change. Brett’s career is motivated by the prospect of affecting one person’s life in a positive manner, let alone the lives of many.