Fostering Positivity that Fuels Productivity


Marie-Josee Shaar presents Positively Energized

Marie-Josée Shaar, MAPP, CWCC

Adjunct Faculty, Federal Executive Institute; President, Smarts and Stamina

CHES 1.0* | ICHWC 1.0 |CDR 1.0

Is your core group of participants growing? If not, your organizational culture might be at cause. Overly competitive work environments foster withdrawal, loneliness, stress and depression, which in turn lead to poor health behaviors and presenteeism, thus hurting your targeted outcomes twice. In contrast, positive work cultures lead to higher engagement, productivity and physical health. And that’s good news, because this is something you can address effectively while everyone is working, so there are no excuses not to participate!
This interactive and emotionally engaging session will produce loads of data on the costs of loneliness, stress and depression to organizations, as well as the multitude of benefits of friendlier, more compassionate environments. You will experience a glimpse of an overly competitive work culture and a glimpse of a well-connected environment, as well as their respective impact on productivity. You will then learn about five positive psychology inspired strategies you can apply with low or even no budgets to foster the kind of positivity that fuels productivity.

Presenter Bio(s):

MJ Shaar is one of the most sought-after experts applying positive psychology to health promotion. Trained by the National Speakers Association, she is one of the first 50 in the world to obtain a Master in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. She studied directly under Martin Seligman, the Founder of the field. She then served as Seligman’s Assistant Instructor and was quickly demanded as a Guest Lecturer at various other academic institutions. In recent years, MJ has offered keynotes and training sessions for a variety of wellness companies, government agencies and Fortune Companies. She also serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Federal Executive Institute. MJ has worked in 10 countries over 4 continents and her trainings have been delivered in 4 languages so far. She co-authored Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance, which appeared on the Amazon Healthy Living Bestseller list many times in the US and in Canada. MJ also occasionally contributes to the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. MJ takes great joy in her work, but her proudest accomplishment is to be the mother of her wonderful little James.