Ecotherapy: An Essential Stress Management Skill in Health Promotion Programming

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Brian Luke Seaward, PhD

Executive Director, Inspiration Unlimited & The Paramount Wellness Institute

AAOHN 1.08 | AAFP 1.0 | ACSM 1.0 | CDR 1.0 | NCHEC 1.0

As technology becomes an ever increasing part of our lives, the abyss that separates us from nature becomes ever more apparent, affecting everything from work productivity to long term health. Vitamin D deficiency (lack of sunlight) is a growing health concern, as is the dysruption of circadian rhythms affecting cognitive abilities and sleep cycles. Eco-therapy (also called nature therapy) is a growing discipline in health promotion programming designed to restore balance in one’s circadian rhymths that affect all aspects of health and wellbeing. This presentation examins the current research (much of it from Japan) on eco-therapy and it’s implications to reduce stress at the worksite.

Presenter Bio(s):

Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of stress management and a pioneer in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. He has authored more than sixteen books, including the classic best sellers, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, The Art of Calm and Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward as well, Managing Stress (9E) the top selling college textbook in it’s field. Dr. Seaward began his career as the Associate Director of Cardiac Rehab at the Gunderson-Lutheran Hospital in 1980. Over the years he has served on the faculty of the American University, the University of Colorado and the University of Northern Colorado’s School of Public Health. Additionally, he has served as a sports psychologist for many Olympic swimmers, ice skaters and the US national Biathlon team. His corporate clients include Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Conoco Oil, Motorola, Quaker Oats, John Deere, BP-Amoco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Maxtor-Seagate, Organic Valley Dairy, US ARMY, and many others. The wisdom of Brian Luke Seaward can be found quoted in PBS specials, college lectures, medical seminars, boardroom meetings, church sermons, keynote addresses, and graduation speeches all over the world. He currently serves on the faculty of the University of Colorado Consortium for Public Health and is the Executive Director of the Paramount Wellness Institute in Boulder, CO. He can be reached via his website,