Corporate Wellness vs Corporate Health Benefits Design: Friend or Foe?

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Conference session by Jim Pshock Corporate Wellness vs Corporate Health Benefits Design

Jim Pshock

Founder, CEO & President, Bravo Wellness

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Clinical “best practices” and employee benefits can, at times, be incompatible. If your corporate wellness initiative is limited by labor laws, time and budget constraints or leadership support, is it still worth doing?

Some organizations see wellness as a morale booster and a necessary part of building company culture. Others align it with employee benefits and view it as a key lever in health benefits design. So which is it? A great company needs both. If wellness is only implemented to encourage participation and incorporate clinical best practices, it may not always align with your budget constraints, benefits laws or other limitations found in the workplace. What’s the solution?

In this session, Jim will address these questions and bring clarity to how wellness can both boost morale and enhance the performance of your employee health plan.

Presenter Bio(s):

Jim Pshock founded Bravo Wellness in 2008 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. As a visionary with a deep understanding of wellness regulations, he has developed and executed an innovative business concept to address an underserved niche market. Jim is a passionate and energetic entrepreneurial leader with over 27 years of experience in employee health and benefits. He demonstrates diverse industry and functional expertise with a tenacious commitment to providing exceptional service and value that leads to growing market-share.
Jim frequently presents to regional and national audiences, including C-suite professionals, industry experts, and a variety of associations. In addition, he has authored and contributed to national press publications. Jim serves on several public policy and health advocacy committees and participates in research groups for workplace wellness incentive programs, providing education and guidance. Jim received the Northeast Ohio Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Award in 2011.
About Bravo – Bravo is a data driven corporate wellness provider that empowers organizations nationwide to achieve their most challenging wellness goals: proven reduction in health risks, measurable decreases in the benefits cost trends and strengthened overall team performance and culture. Learn more about Bravo’s custom technology, in-house programming capabilities, expert compliance support, incentive solutions, health engagement programs and ways to integrate within existing corporate benefits structures at

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