Amplify Resilience & Grit by Optimizing Functional Mental Toughness (in Self and Clients!)


Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper, MBA, MSPT, MTC, ATC, CWC

CEO, US Corporate Wellness, Inc.

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Mental toughness is an oft-referenced phrase in the world of athletics that is credited as being THE key differentiator between success and failure at all levels. Oddly, it’s rarely mentioned outside the competitive landscape. However, what if the key components at the heart of mental toughness also played a key role in employee health and wellbeing? In this cutting-edge presentation, you’ll learn about the very latest global research on mental toughness and what it means for the health and wellness of you, your family, your clients (coaches and providers) or your employee team members (organizations). Intrigued by Grit and Resilience but looking for greater application? Looking for new insights to enhance your outcomes? Don’t miss this program.

Presenter Bio(s):

Brad Cooper is the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, author of 5 books, holds 2 Masters degrees and is currently pursuing a PhD (dissertation: mental toughness and its application in the real world). He spent 20+ years as a Physical Therapist and Healthcare Executive prior to moving into the CEO role in 2007. He is also the co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute and holds 2 US Patents for the Aerobar Edge training device, which was featured in Triathlete Magazine as one of the year’s most innovative products.

When it comes to wellness, he actively walks the talk at the age of 52. He was recognized by multiple publications as the “World’s Fittest CEO” after qualifying for both the Hawaii Ironman World Championship and the Boston Marathon by over 25 minutes and winning the 2-person Race Across America bike race, all within a 5 month period and just 6 weeks after suffering 8 fractures in a bike wreck. His story was featured in the 2016 film “Godspeed.” He’s crazy about his wife of 26 years and his 3 rapidly growing kids, who are now 24, 22 and 19. On the speaking front, he’s spoken professionally in all 50 states over the past 25 years to a wide range of organizations, always to rave reviews and has been interviewed by countless radio, television, newspaper and magazine outlets.