Are We Better Off? A Look at How the Evolving Wellness Regulations Have Impacted Population Health Management


Impact of wellness regulations - Jim Pshock

Jim Pshock

Founder & CEO, Bravo Wellness

AAOHN 1.05 | AAFP 1.0 | ACSM 1.0 | CDR 1.0 | NCHEC 1.0*

Worksite wellness and incentive programs are indeed both an art and a science. In addition to following emerging clinical best-practices, learnings from behavioral economics research, technology enhancements and the best way to communicate and create a culture of health, practitioners must be keenly aware of legal risks and inadvertent consequences that these well-intentioned programs may create. This presentation will bring attendees the latest information on impacts or changes to the ACA, ADA, GINA and any new or proposed regulations regarding corporate wellness and benefit plans. It will also share practical examples of how programs are changing to comply, while still remaining effective.