Mindfulness Retreat for Health Professionals – Learning from the Inside Out

Lynn Rossy presents seminar Mindfulness Retreat

Lynn Rossy, PhD

Executive Director, Tasting Mindfulness


AAOHN 14.0 | AAFP 10.75 | ACSM 14.0 | CDR 14.0 | NCHEC 14.0

Mindfulness has been getting a lot of interest in the past few years and is being used at the workplace and other environments in order to help people be more productive, attentive, happy, and healthy. As someone who has taught mindfulness for the past two decades at a university and corporate setting, I have seen the significant benefits of offering mindfulness-based interventions as well as re-interpreting all aspects of the work environment in a mindful way. In order to overcome some of the concerns regarding the use of mindfulness practices in a Western secular setting, this retreat will give you the opportunity to digest some of the deeper understandings that come from mindfulness practice.

Experiencing the benefits of mindfulness requires an intentional setting aside of time which many people find difficult to do in the middle of their busy, high-stress lives.

This Intensive Training Seminar is designed to create a restorative space so that you have an opportunity to step out of your everyday life and experience the subtle habits of your mind, body, and heart in a nonjudgmental, compassionate way. The cultivation of this kind awareness is at the heart of behavior change.

Thus, the main purpose of this workshop is for you to experience a variety of mindfulness practices that can support your wellbeing. These practices will include sitting meditation, mindful yoga, mindful eating, lovingkindness meditation, and walking meditation. Experiencing the benefits of mindfulness first hand during an extended period of time will support you in continuing a practice back home and in successfully offering it to others.
Additionally, you will (a) develop an understanding of the ways that mindfulness can be offered at the workplace and (b) be knowledgeable about the research that demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness at improving physical and psychological well-being. Materials will be distributed to support your practice, your efforts to bring mindfulness to others, and to encourage a culture of wellbeing at your workplace.
Even if you have never practiced mindfulness or yoga before, this intensive will offer you complete instruction for how to start a meditation and yoga practice and sustain it in your life back home. If you are a mindfulness practitioner, this intensive will give you an opportunity for sustained practice. NOTE: People of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities are welcome. If you can breathe, you have the ability to practice and benefit from the practices taught in this intensive.

This Intensive Seminar is approved for up to 14 contact hours for psychologists by International Seminars Group. International Seminars Group is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. International Seminars Group maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Register for these credits here

Presenter Bio(s):

Lynn Rossy, PhD, is regarded as an expert in the field of mindfulness-based interventions for stress, eating, and workplace wellness. She authored the book, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution, which was named one of Mindful.org’s Top Ten Mindfulness Books of 2016. Dr. Rossy spent much of her career at the University of Missouri directing the activities of the Mindfulness Practice Center and Healthy for Life, the wellness program for faculty and staff. In 2016, Dr. Rossy was hired as the Director of Integrated Wellness for Veterans United Home Loans, a company that was nominated #27 of 100 Best Companies overall and #9 Best Workplace for Millennials by Fortune in 2017. Her job entailed offering mindfulness-based interventions and creating interest for the development of their new Mind Body Studio. She is the Executive Director of Tasting Mindfulness, a company offering mindfulness practices to the workplace and beyond. She can be reached via her website, www.lynnrossy.com.