Building Brain Health and Fitness at Work

Heidi Hanna presents Building Brain Health at Work

Heidi Hanna, PhD, FAIS

Executive Director, The American Institute of Stress; Director of Training & Development, Academy for Brain Health and Performance


CHES 14.0* | ICHWC 14.0 |CDR 14.0

Ever-increasing demands on time and energy have created an environment where most people feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the high expectations of their daily lives. As a result, we find ourselves constantly multitasking, chronically distracted and pulled in too many different directions – our brains easily hijacked by the world around us.

In this interactive and insightful 2-day training, Dr. Heidi Hanna will guide you in an exploration into the most valuable resource we have – human capital and the power of the brain. Based on the latest neuroscience of stress, mindfulness and motivation, we will discuss evidence-based guiding principles of Integrative Neuroscience based on the world’s largest standardized database of brain research, and a simple framework for optimizing brain health and fitness that can be easily communicated to employees to enhance health and performance initiatives.

Attendees will be able to utilize a simple but powerful assessment of their own brain health and fitness, create a personalized brain training toolkit and discuss best practices for incorporating the process into their unique work environments. Simple, practical tools that you can use to help prepare for and adapt to challenges and change will give you confidence in your ability to be resilient in any circumstances.

· Learn the key organizing principles of the brain and how non-conscious bias can be both a challenge and an asset
· Recognize how much of our common corporate environment works against optimal brain health and performance
· Discuss the primary tenants of brain health and how to integrate strategies to support brain health at work
· Understand the new science of brain fitness and how to integrate strategies to boost brain fitness at work
· Create individual and team action plans for integrating simple daily shifts to use stress to drive performance and build health and resilience.

Presenter Bio(s):

Heidi Hanna, PhD is the Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress ( and serves as Director of Training and Development of the Academy for Brain Health and Performance. As a global speaker she has been featured at Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, ESPN Women’s Leadership Summit, and the Million Dollar Round Table. She is the author of the NY Times bestseller The SHARP Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance (Wiley, Feb 2013), Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress (Wiley, Jan 2014) and Recharge: 5 Shifts to Energize Your Life (Synergy, 2015). Heidi is a Certified Humor Professional with the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (, although she won’t admit she’s funny.