Richard Penington
Richard Penington

Mr. Penington is the President of Penington Ventures, an investment management company he founded in June 2015.

Prior to Penington Ventures, Mr. Penington was the President of the Health and Wellness Services Division of Quest Diagnostics, Inc., a combined entity of Quest and Summit Health, a company founded by Mr. Penington in 2004. Quest Diagnostics acquired Summit Health in April of 2014. Mr. Penington operated as President of the Wellness Services Division of Quest Diagnostics, Inc. overseeing the integration of Summit Health and Quest’s Blueprint for Wellness.

Prior to founding Summit Health, Inc., Mr. Penington was Vice President of Business Development for Interim Healthcare, the nation’s largest combined provider of home health care and medical staffing.
Prior to Interim, Mr. Penington was President of Interactive Health Solutions where he developed the employer-based health screening and immunization model.

Mr. Penington has taken a technology company public and has experience in management and technology consulting with IBM and Accenture. Mr. Penington earned BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Mr. Penington was awarded the 2014 Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year Award.