How Do We Adapt to the Emerging Growth and Evolution of Health Promotion?

Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv Kumar, MD

President & Chief Medical Officer, Virgin Pulse


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Over the past decade, the forces of rising health care costs, deteriorating public health, and rapid technological advancement have converged to lead to an explosion of new and innovative approaches to health promotion. While this growth in new solutions holds great promise for solving some of the greatest challenges that we face, it also raises several key questions that health promotion professionals must collectively answer. How do we embrace the power of digital solutions for health improvement while finding the right balance between a high-tech and a high-touch approach? Given an increasingly crowded and confusing health ecosystem, how do we create simplicity and help people to easily navigate this landscape? And with our ability to gather ever-increasing amounts of information about people, how do we harness the power of big data to drive personalization, engagement, and meaningful outcomes? In this session, Dr. Kumar will address these important questions and share his vision for the future of health promotion.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Rajiv Kumar serves as Chief Medical Officer and President of Virgin Pulse Institute, which provides Virgin Pulse clients with cutting-edge Value-on-Investment (VOI) studies and promotes research on health, wellbeing and employee engagement. Dr. Rajiv Kumar’s responsibilities also include overseeing the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board and data science team, as well as helping to drive the company’s corporate, product, and M&A strategies.

Dr. Kumar joined Virgin Pulse in 2016, following the company’s acquisition of ShapeUp, an employee wellbeing company that he founded in 2006. As CEO of ShapeUp, he led the growth of the company from a two-person, dorm-room startup to a global company with over 100 employees, 800 customers, and 2 million participants around the world. During his time at ShapeUp, he pioneered new approaches to leveraging social connections to enhance employee health and wellbeing and co-authored several peer-reviewed studies on the relationship between social networks and healthy behavior.

Dr. Kumar earned his medical degree from the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and has focused his career on prevention, public health, and innovation in health care. He also received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from Brown University.