Got Quality? Learning What Each of Us Does Best and Making it Happen Everywhere and Every Time

Paul Terry - Got Quality Keynote

Paul E. Terry, PhD

President and CEO, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO); Editor in Chief, American Journal of Health Promotion


AAOHN 1.83 | AAFP 2.0 | ACSM 1.75 | CDR 2.0 | NCHEC 1.75*

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Health promotion professionals have eclectic and rich backgrounds in the science of health promotion and our decades of experience has superbly informed “the art” of delivering health programs. But how equipped is our field at taking what we have learned to scale such that we can effectively and efficiently deliver health promotion in a way that assures continuous improvement? This presentation will build on the conference theme: “Best Science + Expert Implementation = Best Outcomes: How do we meld scientific knowledge with human sensitivity and expert management to produce the best health outcomes?” With an emphasis on “expert management” Dr. Terry will describe the application of industrial strength quality improvement methodologies to the work of implementing wellness programs. He will argue that if we are to achieve cultures of health we will need to facilitate cultures of quality. We can only manage what we measure and the first question to answer if we are to achieve process excellence is “what is our process?” Our answer to that question, and the metrics we choose to monitor our “value stream,” will determine what “the best health outcomes” are and, more importantly, how we can keep doing better than our current best.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Paul Terry is President and CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and is Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion. HERO is a national think tank dedicated to advancing best practices in employee health promotion. In collaboration with HERO members, Paul and the HERO team provide leadership in research and education on issues such as the impact of wellness program best practices on health outcomes, employer strategies that advance community health and the impact of healthy cultures on employee performance.

Before HERO, Terry was president and CEO at StayWell, a national provider of population health management programs. He later served as StayWell’s chief science officer. Before StayWell, Paul served as president and CEO at The Park Nicollet Institute, a national leader in health services research and education. He earned his PhD from the University of Minnesota and his Masters from Minnesota State University at Mankato where he was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Humanitarian Award.

Terry is a Past-President of the Minnesota Public Health Association and was principal investigator of a three year CDC sponsored study of the effectiveness of different models of worksite health promotion.

Dr. Terry’s numerous scientific papers and health education articles have won five awards of excellence from the Society for Technical Communications and five National Health Information awards. He is co-author of four books including “Well Advised: Your Guide to Making Smart Health Decisions.” Paul received two Senior Fulbright Scholarships and was a Group XV Kellogg National Fellow studying leadership and community capacity building in developing nations. Prevention programs that Dr. Terry developed won the C. Everett Koop National Health Award.

Paul cultivates several passions to stay well: time with family and friends, reading and travel, wilderness adventures and sports; especially gymnastics, windsurfing and x-country skiing. His newest love is rowing and Paul revels at the chance to compete in regatta’s as stroke with his daughter Anna at the bow.