Health Promotion Startup Competition

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Health Promotion Startup Competition

Conference attendees are invited to join us for a fast-paced, live competition where entrepreneurs, selected by a panel of judges will present their health promotion product or service concept.  Each will have just a few minutes to pitch their concept to a panel of judges who will select a final winner. The winner will be announced at the plenary session on Friday morning of the conference.

The finalists will be present their concepts at the live pitch event at the conference on Thursday, March 30.

Meet the Finalists

Launchpad startup competition finalist Anything but the Gym
Anything But The Gym, LLC specializes in creating and producing the highest quality entertainment that combines health principles with great storytelling for the broadcast, digital and the live event space.

Launchpad startup competition finalist Brightday
Brightday is a San Franciso start-up building a next-generation platform of smart software products that enable employee wellness and productivity while you work.

Launchpad startup competition finalist Hormone Therapeutics
A telemedicine platform using in-home precision testing and personalized therapeutics for health optimization.

Launchpad startup competition finalist Pyur Solutions
We believe that bug-free homes, offices, and farms can also be chemical-free. At Pyur Solutions, we have created the world’s strongest and only complete line of non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based pesticides that work in your home, your office, your garden, and the farm; we are bringing our plant magic to you. Our company uses no chemicals and no additives; it’s all organic science

Launchpad startup competition finalist the Wellness Movement
The Wellness Movement aims to build healthy, productive future generations upon the foundations of functional physical education by reforming the physical education programs of today.

Other Participants

Launchpad startup competition participant Find Your Ditto
Find Your Ditto is a mobile platform that connects individuals living with the same chronic illness locally for on-demand, in-person support.

Launchpad startup participant Wellness Data Solutions
Our mission is to improve health and decrease the disease risk of employees around the world. Simply put, we use medical science and psychology to create healthier workforces and save companies money. Wellness Data Solutions (WDS) is re-inventing wellness programming by utilizing data collection and analysis to empower your employees to take a proactive approach to managing their health.

Meet Our Judges

Mike Motta startup competition judge
Mike Motta, 
Founder of Plus One Fitness,
sold to Optum – BIO
Mark Correia startup competition judge
Mark Correia, Co-Founder and CEO of Preventure – BIO
John Harris startup competition judge
John Harris, Founder of Harris Health Trends, sold to Axia and Healthways – BIO
Margaret Moore startup competition judge
Margaret Moore, Founder, CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation – BIO
Jim Hummer startup competition judge
James Hummer,  Founder of Whole Health, sold to Walgreens – BIO