Expert Interview Series featuring Paul Terry
Paul Terry, PhD
Editor in Chief, American Journal of Health Promotion

An Interview with Paul Terry, PhD

Got Quality? Learning What Each of Us Does Best and Making it Happen Everywhere and Every Time

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Hear an interview with Dr. Paul Terry. Dr. Terry discusses industrial strength continuous quality improvement methodologies as the most effect strategy to improve program outcomes on a continuous basis.

He argues that if we are to achieve cultures of health we will need to create cultures of quality.



Expert Interview Series featuring Laura Putnam
Laura Putnam, MA
CEO & Founder
Motion Infusion

An Interview with Laura Putnam, MA

Workplace Wellness That Works

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Hear an interview with Laura Putnam, MA, CEO & Founder of Motion Infusion, and author of Workplace Wellness that Works. She offers a fresh perspective on how to promote employee wellbeing. Based on the latest research, and backed by real-world examples and case studies, Laura discusses tools necessary to start making a difference in employees’ health and happiness, and promoting an overall culture of wellbeing throughout the organization.


Michael Kim Interview
Michael Kim
Professor (Adjunct), Stanford University
CEO & Founder, Habit Design

An Interview with Michael Kim, MPP, MBA

Habit Formation: A Critical Early Step in Sustainable Behavior Change

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McKinsey & Company identified that the biggest bang for the buck in wellness is in facilitating “subconscious, or habitual, behaviors” as the ROI of habit-based interventions outperform their alternatives by 180%! Because, while motivation gets you started, it’s habit that keeps you going. Join us of a discussion with Michael Kim, a leading authority on the topic, founder of Habit Design and recently appointed Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. Michael teaches Behavior Change and the sub-discipline of Habit Design, a concept he conceived.
Michael discusses how habit formation is one of the critical steps to long term healthy lifestyle practice, and what it means for the field of health promotion.
He shares key elements in the process that creates lasting, subconscious, habituated daily routines, or “habits”.

Lynn Rossy Interview
Lynn Rossy, PhD
Executive Director, Tasting Mindfulness

An Interview with Lynn Rossy, PhD

Mindfulness: Learning from the Inside Out

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As health professionals, we are really good at devoting ourselves to taking care of others but not always as good at taking care of ourselves…which makes us less effective with our clients. Practicing mindfulness is one of the best ways of caring for ourselves. Taking a little time for ourselves each day enhances our own wellbeing and makes us better able to care for others.

Dr. Lynn Ross is an expert in the field of mindfulness-based interventions for stress, eating, and workplace wellness.

She explores the topic of mindfulness and discusses some of the most important research findings related to mindfulness that have been making people sit up and take notice. Specifically, you will hear how mindfulness can affect your sleep, your emotions, the stress in your life, your attention and focus, your brain, and the aging process itself.

Dr. Rossy leads a short mindfulness practice and talks about the ways that you can weave mindfulness into your life starting today. Learn how to use mindfulness for yourself and tips for taking mindfulness into the workplace.

David Hunnicutt Interview
David Hunnicutt, PhD
CEO, David Hunnicutt International, LLC

An Interview with David Hunnicutt, PhD

Cracking the Culture Code

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When it comes to creating a healthier, higher-performing organization it’s no surprise that culture is the thing that matters most. To be sure, if carefully designed, culture is the difference between success and failure; engagement and alienation; health and sickness; joy and drudgery. But here’s the deal, very few leaders know how to design a culture that actually works. During this discussion with Dr. David Hunnicutt who, by drawing insights from the latest research and sharing the compelling stories of success, shares his view on what it takes to prepare a workforce that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Expert Interview Series featuring Raquel Garzon
Raquel Garzon, DHSc, RDN
President, Revitalize Project
Wellness Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

An Interview with Raquel Garzon, DHSc, RDN

Enhancing Resilience for Yourself and Client Populations

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Most stress management efforts focus on relaxation methods, nutrition and exercise interventions, work-life balance programs, or offering employee assistance programs and resources, but many omit resilience training. Resilience training helps people learn how to train their minds and bodies to bounce back from misfortune using cognitive, affective and physical strategies that can become reflexive.

A growing body of research on resilience training is showing that people can learn these skills, practice them on a regular basis, and improve emotional and physical health outcomes.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Raquel Garzon, President and Founder of Revitalize Project and Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University for a discussion on the core elements of successful resilience programs.


Expert Interview Series featuring Richard Citrin
Richard Citrin, PhD, MBA
President, Citrin Consulting

An Interview with Richard Citrin, PhD, MBA

The Resilience Advantage: Stronger, Tougher, Smarter

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Listen to an interview with Richard Citrin. He will discuss his book, “The Resilience Advantage” in which he presents ways that individuals and organizations create a culture that moves away from the blaming mentality of stress management to an empowering mindset of resilience.