Poster Presentations – Colorado Hall
On display Thursday 8:00 m – 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Presenters at posters: Thursday 12:15 PM -1:45 PM and Friday 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM


1. A Rewards Program Contributing to Healthier Eating in Restaurants & Schools
Kelly Bowman, MPH, Accents on Health Inc.; Stephanie Anzman-Frasca, PhD, University at Buffalo; Mariana Beleche, MS, Accents On Health, Inc.; Sara Folta, PhD, Tufts University; Shawna McNally, MScPH, RD, Accents On Health, Inc.; Anjali Patel, MPH, RD, Accents On Health, Inc.

2. Bringing Customized Healthcare to the Doorstep of the Hard-to-Reach
Jocelyn Chng, MBA, BComp, Health Promotion Board, Singapore

3. Systems Level Approach for Increasing Participation and Outcomes
Will Clower, PhD, Mediterranean Wellness, LLC

4. Impact of Service-Learning Experiences in Culinary Arts and Nutrition Science
Jamie B. Daugherty, MS, RD, CSSD

5. Identifying Needs and Addressing Gaps in Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the Elder Population
Eric Evans, MA, Genius Corporation; Jenni Bell, MA, Praxis Strategies & Solutions, Inc.; Brad McLeish, MPA, Praxis Strategies & Solutions, Inc.

6. Workplace Health Improvement in a Health and Social Assistance Workforce
Debra L. Fetherman, PhD, MCHES, ACSM EP-C, The University of Scranton; Stephen Burke, PhD, Marywood University

7. Elementary School Children Attitudes Towards Health and Fitness
Renee E. Fenwick Frimming, EdD, MCHES, University of Southern Indiana

8. Mitigating Shared Risk Among Captive Groups Through A Comprehensive Wellness Approach Carly Kennedy, MS, Lawley Insurance; Julie Ciura, MS, Lawley Insurance

9. A Systematic Review of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model’s Component of Employee Wellness
Ann C. Pulling Kuhn, MS, University of Northern Colorado; Russell L. Carson, PhD, University of Northern Colorado; Melissa George, PhD, CFLE, Colorado State University; Ben Ingman, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver; Dan Graham, Phd, Colorado State University; Elaine Belansky, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver; Doug Coatsworth, PhD, Colorado State University; Nicholas Cutforth, PhD, University of Denver; Eve Kutchman, MEd, Children’s Hospital Colorado; Nathaniel R. Riggs, PhD, Colorado State University; Brian Dauenhauer, PhD, University of Northern Colorado

10. Leveraging Opportunity – Using Evidence-Based Programs to Build Awareness and Make a Lasting Health Impact
Caitlin Loughery, MPH, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan; Allyce Haney Smith, LMSW, Greenfield Health Systems; Jodi Burke, MSW, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan; Taneisha Campbell, Gift of Life MOTTEP; Ann Andrews, MPH, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan

11. Enhancing “Tops WELL”-being and Quality of Life Through a Collaborative Effort
Gail D. Marchese, CCWS, Tops Markets, LLC; James McWilliams, MBA, BlueCross Blue Shield of Western New York; Maribeth Insana, MPH, CCWS, CWPC, Lawley Insurance; Julie Ciura, MS, CWPD, Lawley Insurance

12. Healthy Foundations: A Tailored Program for Health and Wellness
Joel Michels, MSN, FNP-BC, Moda Health

13. The Food Literacy Project: Using Experimental Education to Enhance Child and Family Health
Carol S. O’Neal, PhD, University of Louisville; Angelique Perez, MPH, Food Literacy Project, Louisville, KY

14. Planting the Seeds: Growing High School Wellness Through Academic-Community Partnerships
Erin Reynolds, PhD, MPH, University of Southern Indiana; Ethel Elkins, PhD, University of Southern Indiana; Swateja Nimkar, EdD, University of Southern Indiana; Gabriela Mustata Wilson, PhD, University of Southern Indiana; Kerseclia Patterson, BS, University of Southern Indiana; Bettye Poole, MS, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

15. Health and Wellness Education for Parents of Young Children
Brandy Schwarz, PT, DPT, University of North TX, Health Science Center; Susanne Leubke, LCSW, Lena Pope Early Learning Center; Donald Mills, EdD, Texas Christian University

16. Promoting Culture Change for Equity and Justice: A Government Agency Collaborative
Aimee Voth Siebert, MA, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment; Juliann K. Bertone, MA, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

17. Creating a Culture of Wellness at Oklahoma State University: Innovator Program
Mary Talley, MS, Oklahoma State University

18. The Cluster Approach to Creating Healthy Workplace Ecosystems
Yeong Lai Foong Michelle Annabelle, Health Promotion Board of Singapore



19. Taking a Breather: Two-Minute .1Hz Breathing Intervention Enhances Anti-Stress Physiology
Adam K. Anderson, PhD, Cornell University

20. Firefighter Impressions of Their Cancer Risk: A Qualitative Study
David Anderson, MA, University of Miami; Tyler Harrison, PhD, University of Miami; Fan Yang, MA, University of Miami; Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, PhD, University of Miami; Susan Morgan, Phd, University of Miami

21. Subjective Ratings of Hunger, Energy Level and Thirst Following Moderate and Vigorous Exercise in Women: A Randomized Crossover Trial
Bruce W. Bailey, PhD, Brigham Young University; Jillesa Anderson, MS, Intermountain Health Care; Chase Glenn, Brigham Young University; James D. LeCheminant, PhD, Brigham Young University

22. Integrated Modeling Approaches to Optimizing Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Program Offerings
Jack Baker, PhD, HealthFitness Corporation; Earl Thompson, PhD, HealthFitness Corporation; Tatiana Shnaiden, MD, HealthFitness Corporation

23. Examination of a Physical Activity-Themed Reality TV Show Concept on Behavioral Intentions Among Viewers
Mary Gillis, MS, Teachers College, Columbia University

24. Association Between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Carotid Intimal-Media Thickness in Older Adults
Ron Hager, PhD, Brigham Young University; Dawson W. Hedges, MD, Brigham Young University;
Cynthia E. Perry, BS, Brigham Young University; Brent L. Nielson, PhD, Brigham Young University; David Jeffs, Brigham Young University; Malvina Salash, MS, Brigham Young University; Lance D. Erickson, PhD, Brigham Young University; Vaughn R. A. Call, PhD, Brigham Young University; Pat Vehrs, PhD, Brigham Young University; John S. K. Kauwe, Brigham Young University

25. Factors Impacting Adherence to Worksite Exercise Programs in Firefighters
Charity Lane, MS, MA, CPT, FNS, USAW, University of South Florida; John Mayer, DC, PhD, FACSM, University of South Florida

26. Measuring Food Insecurity and Healthy Days in a Primary Care Setting?
Emily McGrath, MBA, Humana, Inc.; Andrew Renda, MD, MPH, Humana, Inc.; Erik Eaker, MHA, Humana, Inc.; William P. Glasheen, PhD, Humana, Inc.; Tristian Cordier, MPH, Humana, Inc.; Jessica Dobbins, DrPH, MA, Humana, Inc.; Kim Pendergast, RD, MPP, Feeding America; Sari Vatske, MA, Feeding America; Yogi Hernandez, MD, MBA, Humana, Inc.; Carey Connolly, DO, Humana, Inc.

27. Health Messages From the Pulpit: Examining Black Ministers’ Influence on Congregants
Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, PhD, University of Miami; Juan Carlos Nobrega, University of Miami; Fan Yang, MA, University of Miami; Maria Elena Villar, PhD, MPH, Florida International University

28. Padres Actives (Active Fathers): An Experiential Approach to Obesity Prevention and Health Promotion Among Hispanic Fathers
Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, PhD, University of Miami; Maria Elena Villar, PhD, MPH, Florida International University; Juan Sebastian Muhamad, MA, University of Miami; Juan Carlos Nobrega, University of Miami; Saltanat Sapargaliyeva, University of Miami

29. The Benefits of Light-to-Moderate Physical Activity for Older Adults
Shirley Musich, PhD, Optum; Shaohung S. Wang, PhD, Optum; Kevin Hawkins, PhD, Optum; Christopher J. Greame, BBA, AARP Services, Inc.

30. Are Happy People Found in Connected Neighborhoods? Exploring the Relationship Between Happiness and Sense of Community
Allison Ross, PhD, Arizona State University; Craig A. Talmage, PhD, Hobart and William Smith College; Mark Searle, PhD, Arizona State University

31. Knowledge of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Among the General Public, Teachers, and Parents of Children with ADHD
Lai-Chu See, PhD, Chang Gung University, Taiwan; Chia-Chi Chung, MS, Chang Gung University, Taiwan; Kuo-Yu Chao, PhD, Chang Gung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan; She-Rong Lin, MS, New Taipei City Government, Taiwan

32. How On-Site Health Screenings Produce Significant Cost Offsets
Earl Thompson, PhD, HealthFitness

33. Are Inflammatory Markers for Cardiovascular Disease Elevated in Non-Specific Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Compared to Non-Pain Case-Controls?
Jeffrey Tolley, Brigham Young University; Ron Hager, PhD, Brigham Young University;
Lance Davidson, PhD, Brigham Young University; Pat Vehrs, PhD, Brigham Young University

34. The Impact of Behavioral Variation on Coaching Engagement
Ann Wallace, PhD, Humana, Inc.; Matt Bogard, MS, Humana, Inc.; Varun Kukreja, MBA, Humana, Inc.; Susan M. Zbikowski, PhD, Humana, Inc.; Sam Cole, PhD, Humana, Inc.

35. Worksite 5k Program Improves Social Support for Increased Physical Activity
Lauren Rae Warwas, MPH, CHES, Baylor Scott & White Health; Holly Greer, CPT, WLS, Baylor Scott & White Health; Kevin Reese, ACSM-HFS, Baylor Scott & White Health, Stephanie Clayton- Thompson, CPT, Baylor Scott & White Health