Core Conference:  March 26-28, 2014

Intensive Training Seminars:  March 24 & 25, 2014

The Broadmoor | Colorado Springs, Colorado


The Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference brings together more than 600 like-minded professionals with a passion for health promotion – individuals who represent the most successful programs in workplace, clinical, educational and community settings. This is your opportunity to meet them, learn from them, share experience, connect and collaborate.

Teh Broadmoor

Thanks to all who attended and who made the 24th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference a Great Success!




 2014 Conference Theme


What Works Best in Health Promotion?
Perspectives of the Top Program Managers and Scientists

Three decades of experience in launching, managing and evaluating thousands of programs in workplace, clinical, education, family and community settings have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that health promotion works.  Health promotion programs improve health, reduce medical costs and enhance productivity…somewhat, sometimes, in some places.   Stated differently, there is huge variation in the impact of a program, depending on how well it is designed and implemented.


But what does a well-designed program look like?  What are the necessary elements of a successful program?  What are the necessary elements to engage the most people and produce the best health and financial outcomes?  How do we make programs effective for each health risk, in each setting, across age, gender, and racial groups, and be cost effective.  In some areas, such as quitting smoking, we know the optimal minutes of behavioral therapy, number of sessions, number and composition of the coaches, and we know the success rate by type of medication as well as dose.  In other areas, like weight loss, we are still scrambling to figure out the right questions, let alone the right answers.


This conference will present the best of what we do know about what works best.


Michael P. O'Donnell, PhD, MPH, MBA

Program Chair, Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
Editor in Chief, American Journal of Health Promotion